Five Signs Your Sixth Chakra Needs Strengthening And Five Simple Methods For Strengthening It

The Sixth Chakra

The Sixth Chakra is your Third Eye Chakra. It’s located directly in the middle of your forehead. It deals with all insight, wisdom and instinct and can be diminished by all forms of illusions. Physically, it encourages your upper frontal sinuses, ears, eyes, as well as the outer layers of the mind. A closed or obstructed sixth chakra is going to keep you stuck in analytical, active, churn manner, which can be exhausting and stressful. An open and powerful sixth chakra will allow you to invest the majority of your time in relaxed stream manner and also to tap into inner wisdom and instinct that is really advice from your Soul.

See whether one of these symptoms of weakness explain you, and in that case, experiment with a few or all the five items below to know what is the third eye.

Five Signs Your Sixth Chakra is Weak

1) You feel lost when it comes to an awareness of purpose and also a course in life. This feeling of being lost and with no internal guidance may result in becoming quite uncontrollable and dogmatic in after a specific leader or system that provides you a feeling of purpose or significance.

2) You’ve got an active imagination, but maybe not in a good way. Your creativity can be stuck in sorrow and stress mode. Regret about the past and fear about the long run. You imagine all of the things that may go wrong, all of the negative things that we may be thinking about you, and also a future that is scary in case you overlook ‘t require huge action today to correct everything that is broken.

3) You spend a lot of your daily life in analytic, churn manner, attempting to figure out everything and becoming frustrated when you’re able to ‘t. You find it difficult to switch off the churn mode which leads to difficulty being present in the moment and trouble falling asleep or staying asleep.