What Is Colloidal Silver?

Considering all of the media coverage of this Swine it’s latest name of H1N1, the rising threat of this Superbug MRSA’s immunity to antibiotics. Combine this with the truth that an estimated 43 million people are living without health insurance, it’s no wonder many of us are turning to other natural healing.

A heightened interest was realized in using colloidal silver to treat bacterial diseases in addition to a myriad of viruses.

The first question a lot of men and women ask is: “What is colloidal silver?”

Well, plain old silver itself kills germs. Consider the silver pails that bunny’s milk goes into a silver spoon that goes to the proverbial wealthy baby’s mouth that really happened in Europe through the jolt. Even ancient settlers in the USA would toss silver coins in their molds to maintain the water germs free and potable. Now fast forward this believing and image Band-Aids recent marketing effort. Yep, silver is your solution to fighting germs. Only Google Curad silver and watch the outcomes.

Nowadays you see from quite ancient times to present times silver has excellent healing qualities. The good thing is that we don’t need to cease at bandages. Colloidal silver is just nano (massively small) particles of silver suspended in water. All these particles are so small they don’t settle, or lose their molecular individuality. They simply hang suspended from the water or alternative waiting to go here that provides natural recovery.

Once ingested, these particles go to function in our own bodies killing germs and viruses so we might enjoy health naturally. Bacterial organisms need a source of energy to reside, the silver cubes this energy source and the virus or bacteria are no more able to endure.

Colloidal silver kills immense 650 or so strains of viruses and bacteria. A traditional antibiotic kills about a half dozen or so. Not a lot of contrast is it?